New Hope's Difference

Making a difference for our students - that’s what is important to us: by founding all we do in God’s Word, by providing small class sizes, and by focusing on success skills. We’re here to make a difference for our students each day, during their entire time with us, and for their whole lives.

Foundation on God's Word

We do more than teach Bible lessons. We provide instruction in all subject areas in the light of God’s Word and teach our students to look through the lens of a Christian worldview. The Gospel is used to motivate Christian love and respect in our school family.

Small Class Sizes

Our students are not lost in the shuffle. They’re more than just a number. With our small class sizes, teachers are able to get to know students on an individual basis and meet them at their instructional level, setting them up to excel academically.

Success Skills

We recognize the importance of social emotional learning for positive long-term outcomes, and so we work to develop crucial success skills in our students for their benefit now and well into the future. This centers on our core values of empathy, self-control, integrity, family, and grit.

a difference-making Christian education