New Hope is a member of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, one of the largest private school systems in the nation. 


870 Hollywood Boulevard

West Melbourne, Florida 32904

(321) 768-1500


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Give to Further Christ's Kingdom

We are serving a community that wants a private Christian education. Many of the schools around us have hundreds to thousands of students, bullying issues, and un-Christian habits. 


The amount of aid that is available for New Hope families has not been consistent since it is set annually by outside Scholarship programs. At times, many families cannot afford our tuition but make too much money to qualify for some or any scholarship. It takes a lot of financial strain off of our church which has provided a large supplement over the years.


As the costs of a high-quality Christ-centered education program increases, the members of New Hope seek to provide a Christian education that is accessible to families of all incomes. While raising tuition for many of our families and straining our relatively small congregation of supplemental funds is impractical, we hope donors can help supplement scholarship gaps for families who have missed the scholarship deadline or make too much money for the scholarship to cover all of their tuition expenses. 

With your gift, we are able to make sure more students can hear the true Word of God and receive a quality education! 

Or Call 321-768-1500 to Donate!