About Us

Founded in 2004, New Hope Lutheran Academy is a private elementary Christian school located in the heart of West Melbourne, Florida. Our Christian school, which teaches students in kindergarten through eighth grade, was started and continues to be operated by the members of New Hope Lutheran Church. Our foundation for all aspects of both our Christian church and our Christian school is the Word of God. 


New Hope Lutheran Academy exists to provide a Christ-centered education to the children of our congregation and community. We believe that every child is precious. As such, it is a joy and privilege to serve children in an environment of love that mirrors our Savior’ s love for us. At New Hope, our teachers, staff, and volunteers share this vision. The school is fittingly named New Hope because of the “new hope” we have in Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world, and we share this truth with our students and parents, as well. Parents send their children to our Christian school with the knowledge that their children are in a safe educational environment where Christian teachers know their child, their child’s needs, and how to encourage them. 

Our mission is to partner with parents in preparing their children to live productive, Christian lives by providing an excellent Christian education.